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What Kinds of Career Paths Exist for Nurses?

Professional function is formed in the course of nursing program and carries out several types of activities within the hospital environment: first aid to casualties, preparation of charts, preliminary examination of patients, installation of all types of dressings, injections, monitoring the application framework of patients and also administration of medicines prescribed by the doctor.

The Nursing Professional can also act by helping to control the stocks of medicines and arranging for them to be properly distributed to patients in their correct doses

The features of the nurses

The main features of nursing are definitely professional discipline, organization and attention – features well close to the medical professional. Discipline is required to fulfill properly the shifts and also distribute the medication. The organization is required to perform such tasks in a systematic manner and without mistakes. The attention is crucial to detect the improvements and worsening of the State of the patient.

The nurse and the nurse’s aide are the closest of patients, professionals who carry out the most direct contact.

The Nursing course

The nursing career has followed the evolution of treatment of disease and is increasingly evolving, making the professional this increasingly important area in hospitals.

The beginning of the course of nursing the student has the standard of healthcare courses, students study hard the theory, especially on biology, human anatomy, pathology, infectious disease and also fundamentals of psychology.

From the second year, the student becomes an anatomy Labs, also already starting to meet and make basic routines in clinics and hospitals. From second year onwards the course will becoming increasingly practical, the nursing student’s learning new technical procedures and acquiring new responsibilities in relation to their patients.

In the fourth year, the nursing student must make a mandatory internship in a health facility. Many colleges, in addition to the stage, also require a theoretical work of completion of the course.

Nursing: Assisting doctors and caring for patients in hospitals

Basic Nursing course grid

  • Biology;
  • Basic Psychology;
  • Human Anatomy;
  • Fundamentals of nursing;
  • Surgical Nursing;
  • Obstetric Nursing;
  • Administration of medications;
  • Microbiology;
  • Pathology;
  • Advanced Nursing Techniques.

Career specializations for nurses

Depending on the professional profile, he can choose the following nursing specializations:

  • General Nursing: general nursing career specialization is at work to take care of patients within the hospital, following the evolution of their illnesses and performing clinical procedures.
  • Geriatric Nursing: nursing Specialization where the professional takes care of the elderly, the nurse can assist in specialized clinics, in hospitals or working in the House of the patients. This professional works aiding the professionals of Geriatrics.
  • Medical Surgical Nursing: in this specialization the nurse works preparing patients for surgery and also taking care of patients after they leave the surgeries and Works assisting surgeons.
  • Pediatric nursing: Specialization where the nurse works with children in hospitals and evaluating and monitoring the development of the same. The pediatric nurse can also act taking care of newborns, babies ‘ incubators and administering guide parents about healthy techniques and Works aiding Pediatrics professionals.
  • Nursing rescue: rescue in nursing, professional works on rescue cars providing aid to victims of accidents, fires and all sorts of urban fatality and Works assisting paramedics and firefighters.
  • Nursing work: the role of the nurse’s work is acting in companies taking care of employees injured or who have suffered work-related injury.

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