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Nursing Qualities

Nursing is one of the most sought after careers in the Canada and the United States today. It can be a very rewarding job. However, it takes more than medical knowledge to be a successful nurse. There are several qualities for one to be classified as a quality nurse. These qualifications include communication, attention to detail, compassion, and the ability to handle emotions.


It is important for nurses to have good communication skills. They interact with several different people on a daily basis including physicians, patients, and patients’ family members. A top nurse knows how to effectively exchange information so that the appropriate people get updated and correct information. When providing patients and their families with information, a quality nurse knows how to thoroughly explain all of the details in a clear and professional manner.

Attention to Detail

Important information is entrusted with nurses. This is why it is crucial that they must pay great attention to detail. This will prevent patients from receiving false information about their own health. Also, paying attention to detail will prevent patients from being administered the incorrect medication or incorrect dose of medication. This mistake could result in negative side effects or even death. It is a common fear among patients waiting to have surgery performed on them to have the wrong part of the body operated on.check more facts in her latest blog post.

This is due to the many horror stories they hear of this exact incident happening. For example, there are stories of patients having heart surgery that were actually waiting to have their tonsils removed. Although it’s hard to understand how such incidents can occur, it is clear that medical providers must pay close attention to detail in every situation.


One of the most common complaints from hospital patients is the lack of compassion their nurses possess. This is probably due to the high number of patients each nurse cares for every day. Nurses may get tired after seeing their first few patients, which can wear them down quickly. This may reflect on how they treat the rest of their patients for the day. However, it’s extremely important for patients to feel cared about by the nurse that is caring for them. This helps them relax and feel at ease while under their care.

Ability to Handle Emotions


Nurses go on an emotional roller coaster during each work shift. They feel joy and happiness when a healthy baby is born, sad when a patient is given bad news, and grief when a patient passes away while under their care. However, a top nurse knows how to handle the emotional strain caused by their job. It is important for a nurse not to let their emotions negatively affect their care for another patient.

To become a nurse, one must go through a series of classes and extensive training. It takes determination and commitment to earn a nursing degree. It takes more than a degree to be successful, but once you’ve completed this step a top-notch nursing resume is required. These qualities will help one achieve the status of a quality nurse.visit http://www.lccc.wy.edu/programs/nursing/preparation for more information and updates.

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