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Nurse Anesthetist Schools

Nurse Anesthetist Schools (NAS) is a resource for prospective nurse anesthetists designed to help you find out more about the schools in your area, as well as the intricacies of the differing career levels and expectations.

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The global economic downturn has many people looking towards careers that are in high demand; primarily those that offer a sizeable salary and a fair semblance of job security. Nursing fits the bill perfectly.

Although there are several different areas of nursing to choose from, the decision to attend an anesthetist nursing school to become a nurse anesthetist is definitely not a choice to undertake lightly. Administering anesthetics to patients is a skill only earned through practical experience, found through attending one of the many nurse anesthetist schools across the United States.

It is advised that you don’t solely choose this profession due to the current news reports highlighting the potential of impressive annual income figures of $100,000 or more. That said, the average wage for a nurse anesthetist in the US is approximately $150,000 per year. The potential for an even higher wage is more obtainable at larger medical facilities than at smaller ones with limited resources.

The average recent graduate from a nurse anesthetist school can expect to work the same shifts as a regular nurse, at around 36 hours a week with the possibility of 12 hours shifts.

Nurse anesthetist schools remain the only way to enter this profession. One of the first mandatory requirements of the schools is to have earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited four-year college or university. Two more years of education at the Masters degree level and clinical experience is required in an anesthetist school. Certification to become a licensed, certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), is also obligatory.read more details on this website.

Education in this field is a continually ongoing process, as a nurse anesthetist is required to remain active to maintain certification. It should be noted that anesthetist nursing schools are likely to discourage you from working a job while attending school. They want all of your energy devoted to your studies and practical clinical experience.

One of the best resources used online to look-up the best nurse anesthetist schools is the American Associate of Nurse Anesthetists website. Membership in this professional organization is not required to become a CRNA, however this nationwide organization establishes the professions guideline standards and awards research and education grants to students CRNAs. They currently have over 50,000 members comprised of registered student nurse anesthetists and CRNAs alike.

You should consider several different factors when choosing among the best nurse anesthetist schools in the United States. Avoid schools that state they are strictly online nurse anesthetist schools to earn your degree and certification, as they are most likely fraudulent and unregistered. Please consider the following when researching nurse anesthetist schools: the reputation of the anesthetist nursing schools, the location of the nurse anesthetist schools, and the cost of tuition and related materials for successful completion of the program.

When it comes to the more prestigious schools, you will often be paying for the schools name, on top of everything else. Also take into consideration that tuition costs can be nearly double that of state residents for non-residential students attending a nurse anesthetist school in a different state.

The best advice we can give you would be to first seek out a nurse anesthetist school in your current state of residence before considering nurse anesthetist schools out of state. The price of an average anesthetist nursing school starts at approximately $15,000 and can quickly skyrocket upwards towards (and often beyond) $105,000 for the best nurse anesthetist schools in the country. With the more reasonable schools, however, you’re looking at around an average of $3,000 per semester (tuition, materials, and books is included in that price, whereas housing, food, transportation, and other miscellaneous extras are excluded).

Nursing Anesthetist Schools to Consider (with costs included):

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Minnesota at $15,000

Hospital of Saint Raphael & Central Connecticut State University at $17,000 in-state tuition for residents

State University of New York at Buffalo, New York starting at $21,000 for in-state residents

East Carolina University College of Nursing, North Carolina at $22,000
California State University, Fullerton, California at $26,000

New Britain School of Anesthesia, Connecticut with out of state residents paying $28,0000

University of Michigan-Flint residents pay $33,000 with residents of Ontario, Canada getting that special rate

Michigan State University, Michigan at $34,000 for state residents
Cleveland Clinic Foundation & Frances Payne Bolton School of

Nursing, Case Western Reserve, Ohio at $45,000

Virginia Commonwealth University Master of Science in Nurse

Anesthesia Degree, Virginia also starts at $45,000

Northeastern University, Massachusetts for in-state residents at $62,000

Master of Science Degree Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon at $73,000

nursing program

Has it crossed your save on tuition fees by signing up to a military anesthetist school? The United States military is one of the most overlooked nurse anesthetist schools there is. Tuition and training is strictly paid for by the government, meaning you’ll graduate without any student debt. Working under actual stressful situations in military medical facilities is the best real life experience any nurse anesthetist can receive. The army provides one of the best nurse anesthetist schools around.

Military nurse anesthetists are often among the first to find work in a civilian hospital and medical settings upon discharge and graduation from the military anesthetist school. The Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences and Military Nurse Anesthesia Program in Maryland offers free tuition and a salary in exchange for a committed active duty service. Another of the military anesthetist schools to consider is the U.S. Army Graduate Program in Nursing Anesthesia in Texas. All they require is a minimal active duty service commitment of four years while offering free tuition and a salary on top.

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